Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport (DIA)

DIA is Colorado's primary airport and the sixth busiest airport in the US and eleventh busiest in the world according to statistics published on DIA is a very large and very busy airport, no argument. The pros of that include that there are a great number of flights available to and from Denver from any number of cities world wide with fantastic fares. The down side to that is that while it should only take two hours to travel from DIA to Vail and about four hours to travel from DIA to Aspen the traffic, weather, construction and popularity of the route make the trip exponentially longer.

The DIA Challenge

Skier traffic is the number one problem with getting guests to DIA on time. Weather delays, road conditions, road closures, holiday traffic also add to to the challenge of getting guests to DIA on time. Winter travel to DIA should include extra time.

Solutions and Choices

Winter storms make great ski conditions, however the same storms can complicate travel plans. Experience counts when facing winter road conditions. Don't go it alone.

photographs compliments of Denver International Airport