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We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express as well as all major credit cards. Reservations are not confirmed until secured with a credit card.



Cash payments are accepted with a reservation secured by a credit card.

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Driver Gratuities

Tipping guide Vail Transportation Service

Tipping can be awkward. Gratuities are part of the American service industry.

Knowing how to tip, when to tip and how much to tip isn't easy for everyone. Service industry employees in the United States rely on tips as part of their compensation. Gratuities and tipping are not part of the service in many countries or cultures as the gratuity is already part of the price of the service so it feels like another tax on the price. We understand and we want to make this awkward American custom easier.

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How and who to tip correctly.

When it comes to Mountain Carrier transportation service the industry standard for gratuities is 15%,18% or 20% depending on the level of service, tipping preferences and just plain saying "Thank you for a good job!" Drivers rely on tips and it is an incentive to keep the level of service high. Including a gratuity at the time of reservation is an easy answer, simply select the percentage that is right for you and check the box or tell your reservation agent. If you are not prepaying, your driver will present a  where you can add a gratuity to the amount and obtain a receipt. Cash gratuities are always appreciated and are an easy way to make someone's day. Guests are welcome to call our office and add tips onto a card if cash is short, or simply tell your driver how much to add. 

Thank you! From Vail Transportation service.

Thank you!

Our staff works together as a team to bring our guests great service. We know that travel can be frustrating at times, but please know that our experience in delivering guests to and from this great area is our passion.

Please fill out a reservation request and we will get back with you shortly.

 Our office is open from 7am until 9pm most days, but our phones get a little busy at times. Our office number is 970 926-2593 and our dispatch can get a text at at 970 306-3121. Send us an email at vailvans@vail.net and we promise to answer any question as soon as we can.